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We offer the manufacture of metal components on the LEN- type metal presses up to 63 kN stamping force. With this kind of presses we can provide cutting and bending of the small dimenssion parts and mid-sized production series. A part of our services is a deburring of manufactured parts by centrifugal barrelling on the Ressler machinery.

The other manufacturing as a hardening or surface treatment are made in a cooperation.


Used materials: steel, brass, aluminium, copper, ...

Bending, Cutting Eccentric press LEN 10C, LEN 25C, LEN 63C
  Hydraulic press CDC
Deburring using rotary tumbling Rosler FKS 15.1 E SA tumbling machine
Riveting Rotary riveting machine KRN 6 AD
Threading Screw cutting machine - type VS 16 ZNPE / cutting range M3 - M12
Drilling Bench drill - type VS 23 / drilling range 1 mm - 30 mm
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