DECENTE light switches collection


The DECENTE range is characterised by a simple and timeless design and the use of refined natural materials. Wide frames of glass, wood, metal or concrete give a sense of luxury and tastefully complement the interior. Frames can be combined with central cover plates in white, black or metallic shades.
Not only designers appreciate the option of frame multiplicity. There are no unsightly gaps between fittings, covers concur on each other and alltogether form a perfect unit - see it in our references below.

Another, more economical option, is represented by plexiglass frames in white, black or grey colour.

Available multiple combinations:



More combinations at You can also build your own light switch / socket here at online app.

More technical informations at our catalogues or leaflets.

Look at our realisations, too!


Product range includes:

  • light switches, power sockets, controllers    
  • thermostats, motion detectors
  • compatible with smart home systems
  • DECENTE for hotel systems: card readers, energy savers


Glass light switches

Made of Lacobel glass, the frames are an environmentally-friendly product with a quality layer of coloured lacquer that is highly resistant to wear and damage.
The surface layer can also be protected on one side with a coloured film. Lacobel has ideal properties for households, both in its elegant design and practicality.
Glass with a protective film is scratch-resistant, does not shatter if broken, withstands heat and doesn’t allow fire to spread. The film also prevents fading from UV radiaton.
Glass light switches: bronze mirror, white matt, steel mirror, bronze matt.

Metal light switches

Metal switches made of stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel switches are modified to a high gloss. The aluminum switch, on the other hand, has a matt finish. These premium frames are really made of metal, it's not just a shell or imitation. You can easily see this when you cradle the switch in your hand.

Wooden light switches

Oak, walnut, mahogany. Wood is still popular in interiors, it brings harmony, warmth and a bit of nature into our homes. In addition, it can be easily combined with glass, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. However, pay attention to the excess of different wood decors and their combinations in the rooms. Our light switches are made of natural veneer on a load-bearing MDF board and are treated with a varnish that guarantees color fastness and sufficient durability.

Concrete light switches

The light switches impress with their slightly industrial appearance, an interesting structure and an almost unlimited service life. Of course, the desired pores appear on the surface of the concrete frame, which always gives each piece a unique look. The frames are waterproof and UV-stable.
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