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UPDATED 09/2019

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Kraus & Naimer cam switches

Kraus & Naimer 100 catalogue: C-, CA-, CAD-, Cl-, L- switches: 10A - 2400A (3,42 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 101 catalogue: Accessories and covers (3.35 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 110 catalogue: A - switches: 6A - 25A (2.69 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 120 catalogue: CG-, CH-, CHR - switches: 10A - 25A (3.18 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 130 catalogue: DH-, DHR-, DK-, DKR-, D - switches: 20mA - 25A / 30mV - 690V (3.56 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 140 catalogue: X - switches: 80A - 630A (1.86 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 150 catalogue: KG/KH - switches 20A - 315A (3.35 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 302 catalogue: Buttons and indicators, 22.5 mm (2.19 MB PDF)
Kraus & Naimer 500 catalogue: Main switches, service switches, disconnect switches (2,42 MB PDF)

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