We offer various products manufactured by us, as well as customer products based on their demands.
Plastic, wooden and glass products.

We use the following equipment for printing:

PP 21N/2 pad printing machine
The pad printing machine is used to print on dividers for the entire VSN line and print on Volvo home switches and outlets.

SP-400 silk-screen printing machine
The silk-screen printing machine is used to print on all types of pill organizers, dental boxes.

MIMAKI UJF -3042 XF UV printer The UV printer is used to print on:

Detailed system description: 
The system works on the principle of spraying ink on plastic, glass, wood, metal. Parts are anchored to the table using suction cups or by clamping it to the base. The print head has 6 colour jets (white, red, black, yellow, blue, red and enamel).
Maximum print resolution 1440 x 1200 dpi.
The print speed with this resolution is about 4 min./A4 format or about 8.5 min/A3 format.
The maximum height of the product that can be printed on is 50 mm, the maximum printed area is 300 mm x 420 mm. Weight less than 5 kg.
Flat objects, as well as objects with projections and embossing within a range of 2 mm can be printed.
The capacity of each container colour is 600 ml.



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