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Gasket production

We manufacturer gaskets for a diverse scope of use, mainly for water, heating and gas mains.
We offer our customers flat gaskets starting with piece production.

The fundamental goal of our customer production is a satisfied customer, which is achieved by meeting above-standard demands and delivering within short deadlines and with high quality.

Round gaskets

Dmax = 1,000 mm (larger round gaskets are possible based on agreement).

Technologies: slitting - mechanical and hydraulic presses, cutting - circular scissors
Identification examples: O-ring 44 ×20 ×1 -HD100
  D × d × t --material
  [D -outer diameter, d -inner diameter, t -thickness]


Form-in-place gaskets

The maximum size of a form-in-place gasket is 550 × 550 mm.
The type and shape of the gasket is specified by design or sample, please consult with the Obzor sales department.
Series production commences after the initial samples are approved.


The material selection significantly affects sealing properties.

Our line of products contains a wide variety of materials for different types of intended use:
paper and tape,
plastic materials,
technical rubbers,
asbestos-free panels,
expanded graphite
and other sealing materials such as felt, cork, plastic cork panels, industrial textile and more.

Manufacturing of gaskets for a very diverse scope of use, particularly for water, heating and gas means, starting with piece production.


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