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Intelligent systems

Control your home

with the Tecomat Foxtrot smart system


The Foxtrot intelligent home control system allows you to control anything in your home from any place.

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Tecomat Foxtrot is a complex intelligent home and building control system that allows you to control practically any technology. It controls heating, individual lighting fixtures or light scenes and light colours, home appliances, shutters, window blinds, pool, garden irrigation systems, but also your sound system or TV or video system.

There are many ways to control your home and the technology inside. Of course, standard switches and controls are also part of an intelligent house, but now you can control these elements with touch panels, a smartphone, iPhone or iPad, TV, as well as using a notebook or computer connected to the internet.

Controls for intelligent systems - smart switch

Control with short-range controls two-way Control with short-range controls four-way     Control with short-range controls four-way Elegant

Control with short-range controls

two-way Decente

Control with short-range controls

four-way Variant

   Control with short-range controls

   four-way Elegant

A big advantage of a home equipped with the Foxtrot system is the automation of various activities and technologies linked to the system. Simply put, your home can perform various tasks itself based on pre-defined conditions. In the morning, it can raise the blinds, tell your music system to tune into your favourite radio station at a defined time, turn on a dimmed light to make getting up easier. It can also tell when you return home from work and sets the desired temperatures in your rooms. With the push of a button (whether on a phone or switch), the system can pull down the blinds, shutters, turn off or adjust the lights, turn the TV on to your favourite channel, many of us would definitely appreciate this. Parents would definitely enjoy viewing the children's room on their phone to check that their children are fine and even remotely turn their TV off when they fall asleep.

The Tecomat Foxtrot control system is so affordable, it is currently being installed in standard family homes. Thus, even a normal customer can reap the benefits of home automation! For more information about the system, we recommend visiting https://controlyourhouse.com/, where you will find a list of authorized installation companies, which you can refer to if you are interested in Foxtrot. These companies will introduce you to all of the options and provide details on system functionality, specific homes that had the system previously installed, in order for you to maximize the opportunity Foxtrot brings.

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