MKOs are designed unprotected and are intended for use in environments with an ambient temperature of up to 85°C. All conductive components are made of brass with a nickel finish protection and silver contacts. The body and cover are made of polyamide.

Three basic versions are available:

• no mounting or central mounting and central controls: MKO...1/...
• mounting clamp and central controls: MKO...2/...
• mounting clamp and lever control: MKO...3/...

The following options are available for each basic version from a switching perspective:

• connector 10 A,16 A: MKO..-0./..
• disconnector 10 A,16 A: MKO..-2./..
• switching 10 A: MKO10..-3./.

These are used as spare parts - Narex drills, soldering irons, washing machines and lawnmowers.
Aside from the specified values, MKOs are produced with a switching power of 100 VA (for electrical soldering irons), 2.2 kW (for hand tools), 24 V /250 W (for optical devices).
The manufacturer can adapt the connection terminals and control element based on a special request by the customer. These changes shall be consulted in advance with the manufacturer.
Nominal voltage 250 V 250 V
Current type Direct current 50 Hz Direct current 50 Hz
Nominal current I = 10 A I = 16 A
  Im = 4 A Im = 6 A
Durability in accordance with ČSN EN 61058-1 + A1 in accordance with ČSN EN 61058-1 + A1
Maximum temperature 85 °C 85 °C
Connection terminal flat 6.3 terminals ČSN EN 61210 flat 6.3 terminals ČSN EN 61210
Working area any any
Control force based on type based on type
Control trajectory based on type based on type
Basic size 17 x 16 x 40 (mm) 17 x 16 x 40 (mm)

Microswitches (MKO) are particularly used for connecting, disconnecting and switching control and power circuits. These switches are available in 10 A and 16 A versions. Their simple design guarantees high durability and reliability. Its benefits include small dimensions, light weight and small control effort.

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