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Set ELEGANT - insert switch, arrangement 1/0S with backlighting (classic)

Design line: Elegant


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DSE 10-03001-110101 DSE 10-03001-110101 Side: snow white
Frame: Snow white
DSE 10-03002-110202 DSE 10-03002-110202 Frame: Anthracite black
Side: Anthracite black
DSE 10-03003-110303 DSE 10-03003-110303 Side: smoke grey
Frame: Smoke gray
DSE 10-03020-112020 DSE 10-03020-112020 Cover: olive grey
Frame: olive grey
Side: olive grey
DSE 10-03019-111919 DSE 10-03019-111919 Cover: steel grey
Frame: steel grey
Side: steel grey
DSE 10-03021-112121 DSE 10-03021-112121 Cover: nut brown
Frame: nut brown
Side: nut brown
DSE 10-03018-111818 DSE 10-03018-111818 Cover: Cappuccino
Side: Cappuccino
Frame: Cappuccino
DSE 10-03005-110505 DSE 10-03005-110505 Cover: sandy beige
Frame: Sandy beige
Side: sandy beige
DSE 10-03004-110404 DSE 10-03004-110404 Cover: vanilla yellow
Side: vanilla yelow
Frame: Vanilla yelow
DSE 10-03009-110909 DSE 10-03009-110909 Cover: sunflower yellow
Frame: sunflower yellow
Side: sunflower yellow
DSE 10-03006-110606 DSE 10-03006-110606 Cover: peache orange
Frame: Peach orange
Side: peach orange
DSE 10-03011-111111 DSE 10-03011-111111 Cover: ruby red
Frame: ruby red
Side: ruby red
DSE 10-03010-111010 DSE 10-03010-111010 Cover: signal brown
Frame: signal brown
Side: signal brown
DSE 10-03032-113232 DSE 10-03032-113232 Cover: gold
Side: gold
Frame: Gold
DSE 10-03033-113333 DSE 10-03033-113333 Cover: titanium
Frame: Titanium
Side: titanium
DSE 10-03031-113131 DSE 10-03031-113131 Cover: graphite
Frame: Graphite
Side: graphite
DSE 10-03030-113030 DSE 10-03030-113030 Cover: aluminium
Side: Aluminium
Frame: Aluminium
DSE 10-03008-110808 DSE 10-03008-110808 Cover: ice green
Frame: Ice green
Side: ice green


DSE 10-03007-110707
DSE 10-03007-110707 Cover: sky blue
Frame: Sky blue
Side: sky blue


DSE 10-03013-111313
DSE 10-03013-111313 Cover: moss green
Frame: moss green
Side: moss green


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