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Pill organizer type 04 (daily)


Daily organizer for pills, vitamines or other dietary supplements.
There are 4 compartments to fulfil by pills. You can take your pills in the morning, at midday, in the evening or at night.
Simple icon marking the day time.
The colored lid is simple to open and other dozens of pills are still closed.
This pill organizer is also designed for the visually impaired - it has not only color differences but differing characters for individual parts of the day.
Approximate size: 110 x 25 x 20 mm

Product dimensions: 110x 25x 20 mm.

Printing: black colour / foreign language possible


909528-SO-00 909528-SO-00 Variant: White
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-01 909528-SO-01 Variant: světle zelená
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-02 909528-SO-02 Variant: yellow
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-03 909528-SO-03 Variant: orange
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-04 909528-SO-04 Variant: růžová
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-05 909528-SO-05 Variant: blue
Delivery time: On request
909528-SO-06 909528-SO-06 Variant: green / CZ print
Delivery time: On request


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