5 years warranty for our home switches

5 years warranty for our home switches We believe in quality of our products! That´s why we provide you with a 5-year warranty on all house switch devices now. With no extra charges.

What makes our switches unique?

  • production process with consistent control - in addition, we produce most of the circuit breaker parts ourselves
  • circuit breakers have fixed solid devices; this is due to the used materials and the careful assembly - thanks to that they have a long service life and are fault-free
  • high-quality materials of visible parts - color fastness, UV resistance
  • quick delivery - we keep most of the items in stock (if we produce them to order, we dispatch them in 5 business days the latest)
  • Our switches are also certified for flammable substrates of B, C1 and C2 classes

The 5-year warranty applies for circuit-breakers and outlets of the ELEGANT, DECENTE and RETRO series sold on or after April 1, 2019, or as an item marked with the word "complete".

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